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Mindful Matters w Chris Griffin, LPC & Burke Lewis

May 14, 2020

The underlying theme of this week’s podcast is finding balance in life, specifically through our communication with others and ourselves. Learning to create the space with our mindfulness practice - space from our feelings, emotions, and behaviors, as well as space from our egos and our points of view. No longer taking things personally and reacting, but truly listening to hear what the other person is saying, not just waiting for our chance to talk. By working on communication with ourselves, we learn to listen to how we are feeling and respond appropriately - not turning everything into anger. We hope that you have as much fun listening to these podcasts as we have in recording them. We are always eager to hear your voice - opinions, reactions, ideas - so reach out. If you haven’t been keeping up, we invite you to go back and listen to the earlier episodes. Thank you for your support.