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Mindful Matters w Chris Griffin, LPC & Burke Lewis

Jun 26, 2020

We are releasing a podcast this week recorded back in the fall where we discuss the concept of vulnerability and openness. Chris references a Ted Talk by Brene Brown where she found that a key source of happiness was found in people’s ability to be open and vulnerable.

We discuss how learning to be vulnerable acts as...

Jun 19, 2020

Honor Juneteenth!!

Listen to returning guest, Kelvin Young—sound healer, recovery coach, and local activist—as he shares his take on the current situation facing our society. He discusses the triggering of intergenerational trauma that has been sparked once again by the murder of Black lives by police and others....

Jun 11, 2020

Burke recites the "Serenity Prayer" to kick off a discussion about "the wisdom to know the difference" between change and acceptance.  Chris mentions author Tara Brach and her essential book Radical Acceptance.  The episode also discusses recovery from substance abuse, and programs that have moved online to continue to...