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Mindful Matters w Chris Griffin, LPC & Burke Lewis

Oct 1, 2020

After our many references to Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements over the last six months, we have decided to end this season of the Mindful Matters Podcast by devoting a podcast to each agreement.

In this episode we discuss the first of the four agreements: to be impeccable with your word. The idea of being mindful with your speech, not only outwardly towards others, but inwards as well, especially with self-criticism, is a powerful one, especially since the concept of moderating one’s speech is rarely thought to apply to someone’s inner voice. In applying this agreement to our lives, we can begin to recognize how powerful words can be. And once we acknowledge the power of the word, we can apply it to ourselves in the most positive way possible; as Don Miguel states, in the direction of truth and love.

We hope you enjoy this first part of the four part series.