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Mindful Matters w Chris Griffin, LPC & Burke Lewis

Dec 28, 2018

Lisa and Chris discuss the roots of art therapy, who it is for and how it can help.

Nov 14, 2018

Ever been in pain? That makes all of us!!!! Chris and Tim have a discussion about mindfulness and its relevance in helping our first responders, military personnel and veterans. With a focus on treating mostly male clients, Tim has a unique perspective on trauma, healing and empowerment. As an LPC and veteran of the...

Nov 2, 2018

Chris discusses an editorial on men and emotion from the NY Times with Nate Guerrin, a relationship expert and sexual advisor.  You can find the NYT article here Teaching Men to Be...

Oct 11, 2018

Chris interviews mindfulness expert Terry Fralich, LCPC about his 5 Core Skills of Mindfulness.

Aug 24, 2018

Ever feel like parenting is the most difficult job ever? So do they!! Chris and Dr. Liz discuss parenting, mindfulness and survival in a job you can't quit. Whether you have infants, toddlers, tweens, teens or young adults, you are sure to learn something.